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What is the Innovation Center?

This is the place where business ideas come to grow! It is a special place where you'll feel free to be creative and dream. Here you'll find a community of dedicated people who want to help you start and grow your business. It is the place where you'll find others who believe that every business idea deserves a chance to thrive.

Who we serve

We serve freelancers, entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, mom-preneurs, encore-preneurs - no matter what type of "preneur" you are... no matter what type of venture... we are here to help you launch and grow.

What we do

We are building a new business community, and we want you to be part of it!

We bring together the sharing, caring  people who help solve problems and provide the support you need to succeed. We make connections and learn all the ropes so we can give you the short cuts. We share knowledge and ideas that are relevant and timely.

Building Community

We are an entrepreneur community that supports each other. We include everyone in every stage: idea generation, launch and growth. 

We believe in you!
Come launch and grow your idea! Share in the inspiration and support.

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